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Original Air Date: May 22, 2017

Video Scam Alert!

I can not believe that you were caught doing this on video! Have you seen this yet?

This is one of many 'social engineering' scams that are growing in popularity with the intent to dupe unsuspecting people all over the Internet.

They can get you so concerned about what the video contains, that you will likely let your guard down.

If you do fall for this scam message, the site you end up on that has the ‘video' will most likely tell you that you need to update something called a ‘CODEC’ or some random video player in order to watch the video about you.

If you are worried about what is on this incriminating video, you'll probably let your guard down and permit a malicious program to be downloaded and installed.

That will be all it takes to trap you in a silent scam that can allow any number of other attacks to occur.

If you allow this malicious software to be installed on your computer, it can allow remote hackers to do just about anything they desire!

Don’t expect to see a notice of their arrival as they won't announce themselves.

We have been seeing an uptick in this scam, so be on your toes and don’t ever install any video player or update that just pops up on your screen.