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Original Air Date: Jun 1, 2017

Floorplan iPhone App

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If you have ever had the need to create a floorplan for a room or an even worse, an entire building by hand, you know how much time it'll take.

Anyone that's in real estate, construction or regularly has to work with floor plans should look into the RoomScan Pro iPhone app.

The RoomScan app makes use of the awesome sensors in the iPhone to easily create a floor plan by putting your iPhone on each of the walls in a room.

You simply place your iPhone on the first wall and wait for a beep, then move on to an adjecentt wall to continue the process.

After you place it back on the original wall, you will get a double-beep to indicate that the measurements are complete, which allows the app to build the floorplan.

You can even build floor plans for an entire house using RoomScan including a feature for when you may not be able to physically reach a wall.

To see this five dollar app in action, check-it out at