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Original Air Date: Jun 16, 2017

Understanding The 5G Hype

5G is coming! The 5G hype is in full swing in the wireless world.

Also referred to as 5th generation wireless, 5G is just the latest buzzword but it doesn’t really exist at the moment.

Currently, there is no actual recognized standard for what will eventually be called 5G, just a whole lot of companies testing various technologies that they are hoping will be called 5G one day.

So, when you hear anything about 5G, for the moment assume that it is just another overhyped marketing message trying to get a jump on something you may not be able to use for years.

There is no doubt that the industry as a whole is working on much faster data for all your mobile devices, but for now, consider it speculation.

If you have heard the pitch for 5G and thought about switching to another carrier just because they claim to be close to offering the next big thing, think again.

Even when it does eventually become available, you really don’t want to be an early adopter unless you enjoy expensive pain.