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Original Air Date: Jun 19, 2017

Awesome Grocery List App

I was in search of an app that would help with one of our household's biggest hassles: grocery shopping.

We, of course, have used text messaging forever, but when the list is long, keeping track of what I've picked up already while I’m shopping is a bit of a chore.

If my wife and I were on the same smartphone platform, we could use lots of apps created for this purpose, but since she’s got an iPhone and I’ve got an Android phone, I had to find something for both.

After trying a large group of options, my absolute favorite is an app called Wunderlist, that’s Wonder with a U.

With it, anyone in the family can add or delete entries and now when I’m shopping, I simply tap on each item as I put them in the basket to make them disappear from the list.

Wunderlist is absolutely free and works on iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows and even Amazon's Kindle Fire, so it is completely versatile.

The app is super simple to use and can be used for more than just simple grocery lists: we use it to track our favorite songs, personal and work projects, 'honey-do' lists and a lot more.

Give it a try at