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Original Air Date: Dec 14, 2012

Snap Chat

Who said everything on the internet is written in Sharpie?

We did, until now!

Have you ever published a photo, or been tagged in an embarrassing picture? There’s nothing worse than having an unflattering picture of you on the internet.

Now, you are in control of who sees your photos, and for how long with a mobile app called SnapChat.

Available for both iPhone and Android, SnapChat is a new way to share photos with friends and family.

SnapChat is a fast new way to share a photos up to 10x faster than MMS. You control how long you want your friends to view them. It’ll even alert you if they try to take a screenshot!

You can use SnapChat on your carrier's data plan or on WiFi, so you can take your pictures and send them just like before, but now you control the viewing audience.

Just like texting, you can send it to groups of people, you can even throw a caption on the picture, but no one gets to keep the image.