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Original Air Date: Jul 19, 2017

Wireless Charging Update

Keeping your mobile devices charged will always be one of the biggest challenges in the current digital age.

Making sure you have the right cable and charger for each and every device usually means carrying a small warehouse of cables and wall warts, which is why I can’t wait for wireless charging to get here!

The future of truly wireless charging is something that we all are looking forward to AND one of the more interesting technologies for the technology is called WiTricity.

It started as a research project at MIT and it is slowly developing into a technology that we could see around us in the very near future.

Just think about wireless charging transmitters hidden under your desk, kitchen counters or even the console in your car.

Wireless charging for everything from your smartphone to your vehicle just by being near a charger when all of the WiTricity based products begin to hit the market.

WiTricity achieves its wireless energy through resonant energy transfer based on Synchronized Magnetic-flux Phase Coupling phenomenon; yeah I have no idea either, but I want do it.

You can learn about existing products currently under testing and the future applications for this exciting technology at