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Original Air Date: Aug 3, 2017

Advanced Math Solving App

If you are the parent of a student that will be in a higher level math course, you have probably already run into the scenario where they have asked your for help on an advanced math problem.

If you could use a little help in explaining just how to solve these complex math problems, look into an app called PhotoMath.

The PhotoMath app can use your phone’s camera to scan any math problem, then try to solve it and shows you step-by-step how it solved the equation.

Many of you will think that kids will just use the app to cheat on homework, but the very same thing was declared about the calculator when it was first introduced.

While this app can clearly be used to cheat, it was designed as a learning tool to teach how things are actually solved.

Remember, any student can use tools like Wolfram Alpha to solve any math equation, but without the all important explanation on how it was solved.

Cheaters will cheat, but don’t let that keep you from making use of this helpful parental teaching tool!: