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Original Air Date: Aug 8, 2017

Must Have Gmail Tool

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If you feel like you are spending most of your life dealing with e-mail these days, you are not alone.

A really big time waster for most of us is having to replying to multiple people with the same response, especially as you get the messages throughout the day.

If you're a Gmail user, I’ve got a great tip for you! Go checkout a free add-on that you can turn on called Canned Responses that will save you lots of time.

Just turn it on in the Gmail settings and you will be able to copy any selection of text and turn it into a canned response that can then be used with the tap of your mouse.

This awesome tool eliminates the need to manually type out any text, phrases or signatures that you use on a regular basis, whether you are responding to or generating a new message.

The Canned Response option is part of the experimental offerings that Google makes available via the Labs section of Gmail’s Settings menu.

The link for the step-by-step instructions for turning on this really useful tool is posted at