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Original Air Date: Aug 16, 2017

Expense Reports Made Easy

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Anyone that travels for business knows about the constant hassle of creating expense reports, especially if you are doing it all manually.

We all have a smartphone with a camera these days, so using an app can help you go paperless very easily.

An app called Expensify claims it creates ‘expense reports that don’t suck'.

The app uses the camera in your smartphone so you can take pictures of every receipt as you get them, which can then be scanned to eliminate the typical manual entry.

It also allows you to automatically import expense data from bank or credit card accounts which cuts down on even more manual entries.

When you trip is finished, all your expenses are ready for you to categorize them or edit them without having to dig around to make sure you all your receipts.

The Expensify app's basic features are free and available for iPhone, Android and Windows phone users.

Test the free version for yourself at!