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Original Air Date: Aug 25, 2017

Laptop Battery Tips

I've provided tips in the past on how to extend the battery life on your phone, but did ya know that most of these same tips will extend the life of your laptop battery as well?

For instance, turning down the brightness on your screen is the most important tip because powering that screen is almost fifty percent of the drain on your laptop and just like on your smartphone, turning off Wifi and Bluetooth when you aren't using them saves power.

If you plug devices into your USB ports that you are no longer using, unplugging them keeps your computer from constantly querying them for updates.

Extreme temperature is a big killer of batteries, so don't turn your hot laptop on or even try to charge it when it’s really hot or cold to the touch.

Waiting until the laptop has reached room temperature will help to lengthen the life of the battery as well.

Be sure to avoid using your laptop on a blanket, pillow or any other soft surface because you can block the cooling vents causing your laptop to overheat.

Those cute screen savers that display your favorite photos seem like fun, but they cam eat up your battery as well, so switch to a blank screen saver for the best results.