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Original Air Date: Sep 26, 2017

Better Control with OpenDNS

There is a hidden, but essential element that allows us to navigate the Internet referred to as a 'DNS server' that plays a huge role in getting us to the websites we seek every day.

'DNS', which stands for 'Domain Name System' acts like a 'data traffic cop' giving your computer directions whenever you tap out a web address.

The default DNS settings for your connection are generally determined by your Internet Service Provider, but you there are many potential benefits when you change those default settings.

Reliability & Internet speeds can often be improved and if you have kids in the house, it can allow you to lock down undesirable content or malicious websites for your entire household.

My go-to options is OpenDNS because it’s fast, FREE, reliable and simple to setup. It provides complete control over what anyone using your wifi has access to no matter what device their on.

You can use this great tool by changing the DNS settings in your router (home or business) so that all your users have the performance and protection you decide to setup.

If you aren't sure how set things up, check the support website for your specific router for instructions.

The link to setup OpenDNS is at: