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Original Air Date: Sep 25, 2017

Password Management Suggestion

Last Friday, I explained the dangers of using the same password on all your online accounts, which then leads to th question: How am I supposed to remember all those complicated passwords?

The answer is YOU CAN NOT; you need help from some for of password management system when using a differnt long, complicated passwords for each of your online accounts.

Password management programs are the best way to generate and manage those passwords on all your devices and websites in the most secure manner.

When you use them, you only have to remember a single password.

They all use encrypted storage of your passwords and offer everything from
password generators to auto form fillers to two-factor authentication, while integrating into the browser on your computer or mobile device.

The setup process may seem a bit complicated for non-technical people, but once the program is setup, it really is very simple to use.

One of our favorites for new users is called LastPass which comes in both a free and a premium version. The free version allows you to test it risk free and you will only need to pay the annual fee if you like the premium options.

If you need help, ask for it because this problem is way too important to ignore!