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Original Air Date: Oct 2, 2017

2nd Factor Security Switch

I have been reminding everyone constantly to turn on two-factor authentication for your important online accounts because it's an extra layer of security against breaches and other exploits.

You are used to using 2 factor authentication with your debit card because you have to have the card itself and the associated PIN.

Could you imagine having a debit card that did not require you to include a PIN...well that is essentially what you're doing if you don’t turn on two-factor authentication on your online accounts when it's available.

Once you activate it, a thief that gets their hands on your username & password would also need to steal your smartphone in order to gain access to your account.

It is also an excellent warning system because you'll know if someone has stolen your login info.

Virtually every major online web service or bank allow for this protection.

If you help seeing who supports it and how to activate it, I’ve got a link posted to a site with a comprehensive list at