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Original Air Date: Oct 23, 2017

Visualizing Spreadsheet Data

Anyone that works with spreadsheets all day long knows that working with large data sheets can make it very difficult to analyze the data.

Graphs and charts are an excellent method of taking large data sets and turning them into more digestible or understandable reports.

While the built-in tools for generating charts and graphs can be adequate, there are more elaborate resources available if you want to step up your game.

An open source and free option that’s available is called RAW.

As the missing link between spreadsheets & vector graphics, this tool is really cool.

You start by using copy/paste or drag a file into the interface.

Next, you select a layout type and then drag datasets to map the dimensions you want to display to the categories you want to use.

Once the basic data is setup, you can customize what will become the visualization of your data to fit your needs.

When it's finalized, you can download the graphics and use them any way you want.

It’s really powerful stuff!

The link to RAW is