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Original Air Date: Oct 24, 2017

First Aid Instruction App

We've all been taught the importance of performing CPR when someone near you is in trouble, but frankly, most people still have no idea what they should do.

A few critical minutes can be the difference between life and death, so having knowledge on what can be done can have a life changing impact.

There are also many other first-aid scenarios that you could encounter, but again many of us just aren’t prepared to deal with those either.

Anyone looking to be a bit more prepared when on of life’s many unexpected situations arises should look into installing the "Red Cross First Aid" app on their smartphone.

The Red Cross has created a resource with lots of critical advice for many common medical situations so that you can have it in the palm of your hand whenever you are in a critical situation.

The content is sotred within the app itself, so you won’t need a cellular signal to look things up for many common medical situations.

This, hopefully, isn’t going to be an apps you will use every day, but when the time comes, it’s a pretty good app to have on your phone.

I posted the link to download the free apps at