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Original Air Date: Nov 13, 2017

LOCK it Down!

Anyone that works in an office full of cubicles, aka a "cube farm", knows that their computer is potentially accessed by any passer-by while they are away from their desk.

Worse yet is when you are surrounded by pranksters, it can become a constant annoyance when you forget to lock down your computer before you leave the desk.

If you can get into the habit of locking down your desktop with a few simple keystrokes, you can save yourself a lot of grief while keep snooping eyes off your private items.

Windows users can simply hold down the 'Windows Icon' key while tap[ing the letter ‘L’ as in lock.

Mac users can do the same by holding down 'Control+Shift+ Eject’ or for those that don’t have an ‘Eject' key, try 'Control+Shift+Power' to do the trick.

None of this is of value if you don’t have a login password setup, which you should have regardless of your environment.

Parents can also use this habit at home if they want to prevent a child from using their administrative profile without permission.