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Original Air Date: Nov 24, 2017

Medical Info for Pets

Most of us treat our family pets like they are human, but the reality is that they're not human, so they can’t tell us what’s wrong when they aren’t feeling well.

Taking your dog or cat to your vet is an obvious first choice, but when that isn’t an option, stands ready to provide some help. is one of the most comprehensive websites available for pet health, nutrition care & feeding that I have ever seen.

They offer everything from 'symptom checkers' to a comprehensive health library to an excellent explanation of vet terminology.

If your pet is exhibiting strange behaviors, you can scan the emergency section to try to evaluate what might be at the root of your pet’s problem.

PetMD is more than just urgent issues; they offer a wealth of great info on most breeds, proper care and feeding and they can even help you come up with a name for that new member of the family.

Have you ever wondered why dogs like to eat grass or what you should do when you discover a lump on your pet? PetMD offers those types of answers.

By the way, this site isn’t just for cat or dog owners so pet owners of all kinds will find great information at