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Original Air Date: Dec 28, 2017

Using Smartphone Flash Outside

Virtually every mobile device you own likely has the capability to take pictures and most of them even include a flash of some sort.

Thinking that your flash is just for low lighting situations is probably keeping you from getting some really awesome shots.

For instance, outdoor settings that include people will end up with harsh contrasts combined with major shadows, which can make for a bad picture.

These scenarios can generally be fixed by using your flash when you normally wouldn't, which can turn unusable pictures into great shot.

Using the flash on your smartphone requires you to be close enough to your subjects to make the weak flash effective in those bright sunlite days.

On very bright days, it's better to put your subjects in the shade to eliminate the squinting from the bright light, then use your flash to fill in the lighting on their faces.

Knowing when not to use your flash indoors and when you should use it outdoors can really help the quality of your pictures.

The best way when to do what with your smartphone camera is to experiment in advance of being in those situations when you want everything to be captured perfectly!