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Original Air Date: Jan 17, 2018

Password and Form Manager

Making sure that you use long, complex password that is different on every online account is a crucial step to protecting yourself online.

Trying to remember dozens of these complex passwords is going to be impossible, so it’s important to use a password management program to help you stay safe these days.

If you still haven’t found management software program that works for you, here’s another one to look at:

The RoboForm system not only provides a solid password manager option but it also helps you fill forms online with your personal information, which is a big time saver for hardcore online shoppers.

Another useful feature is the ability to use batch logins which will automatically open tabs and log you in to your commonly used sites, all with one click.

Just like other password managers, after you get everything setup, you simply need to remember just the one main password for the Roboform account to safely access all your online accounts.

The basic version is free and they also offer mobile apps at