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Original Air Date: Mar 7, 2018

Web Text Shortcut Tool

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Anyone that's ever worked in an office is familiar with Microsoft Word and using the macros feature that lets you insert portions of text usee on a regular basis using a saved keyboard shortcut to save time.

We're all spending a lot more time creating things online, so having macro capabilities in the browser can come in really handy.

Anyone using online productivity tools like Google Docs could benefit from this capability by installing a free add-on for the Chrome browser called Auto Text Expander.

You can use the 'Auto Text Expander' add-on to create shortcuts for really long e-mail addresses, commonly used phrases or for creating varios e-mail signatures that are easy to insert.

The add-on allows you to create your own collection of shortcuts like using 'bizadd' to insert your business address or 'persig' to insert your personal email signature; basically, it's helpful for any type of information used on a regular basis.

Once you have generated a shortcut, they're usable in any text field for virtually everything you do online, from e-mail to social media to blogging.

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