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Original Air Date: Mar 8, 2018

Amazing Glass Prints

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Regular listeners of our tech tips know about my endless quest to discover the very best ways to display the digital images that I’m constantly creating.

You may have seen beautiful high-res images that are printed on to glass in an art gallery, which are incredibly eye catching. 

Well, you too can generate incredible images printed on glass photos right from he convenience of your computer with just a few mouse clicks. 

An online company called ‘Fracture’ is a specialty printing option that lets you upload images to one of five different frame sizes ranging from roughly 5 by 7 to 22 by 30 in either portrait or landscape or square orientation. 

The process will only take a couple of minutes with prices range from $18 to $125. 

Fracture prints your image directly on the back of a piece of glass, then adds a black backing and ships it to you in a special package.

This way of displaying pictures makes for amazing wall art or makes a great gift for those people and moments special to you. 

Check it all out at