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Original Air Date: Mar 9, 2018

Why Celebs Are Bad

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The Internet and especially social media allows us to follow all of our favorite celebrities but did you know that this can actually be dangerous?

Malicious hackers are both cunning and evil in their methods and they specifically target the U.S. because of our celebrity obsessed culture.

They often create Internet-based scams that can allow them to silently sneak into your device using your favorite celebrity as bait.

In most cases, if they offer you a link and you click on it, your screen will have a pop-up window explaining that your video player needs to be updated in order to watch the video.

Anyone falling for theses scams is essentially granting remote control access of their device to a remote hacker.

Anytime you see any site or link telling you that you that your media player is out of date, consider it a big red flag.

Ask yourself why you would suddenly have the need for something special in order to watch a video when you’ve been watching lots of them almost every day. The simple answer is: YOU DON’T!

Celebrity-based social engineering continues to be an effective trick in the hacker’s bag of tricks, so don’t fall for it!