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Original Air Date: Jun 11, 2013

Microsoft Is Not Here to Help You!

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It’s time for Data Doctors Warning Tech Tip.

It's happening again...the Microsoft tech support scammers are dialing for dollars and you could be next.

It starts with a very scary phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft that proclaims that they have detected an infection in your computer.

If you stay on long enough, they will tell you that they can prove you have a problem if you run a few tests on your own.

They walk you through what appears to be a technical process and ask you if certain things show up on your screen.

These certain things that are built into all Windows computer will always appear, but if you aren't technical, you won't know this.

If you bite on the bait, the next thing you know, they are walking you through the steps that allow them to remotely access your computer.

Not only are you risking malicious activity from an untrusted source, you will be asked for a credit card number so they can properly fix your computer.

The simple fact is that Microsoft or any other legitimate company would never call you out of the blue to tell you that you’re infected.

The good news is that avoiding this scam is pretty simple. Remote service is completely legitimate and completely safe but only when YOU initiate the request for help.

So if you ever get this friendly call that’s offering to help you from out of the blue, you now know what to do: Hang Up On Them!

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