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Original Air Date: Apr 9, 2018

Password Management Reminder

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Using secure passwords continue to be the weakest link for most users online and I’ve stressed over and over how important it is to use different passwords for all of your online accounts. 

If my previous suggestions of password management programs have been a bit overwhelming, there’s a low tech method that I highly recommend for those struggling to keep track of all their passwords; just write them down. 

I don’t mean the old use a sticky note on your monitor method, I mean jot them down for storage in a safe place, like somewhere random in your smartphone. 

Be sure to avoid using the word “password” in the description or in the file and create your own form of protection in case someone does run across the document. 

For example, you can add 4 totally random characters, symbols or numbers at the beginning of the real password and only you will know to ignore them.

My point is, that if the choice is using the same password on all your accounts or writing them down so you can different passwords everywhere, then write them down!

This will keep you from being totally exposed by a single data breach.