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Original Air Date: Jun 13, 2013

The Joy Of Google Calendar

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It’s time for another Data Doctors Tech Tip.

With everything going on in your life it’s tough to remember it all... the events, the meetings, even leisure time... schedule it... ALL of it... with the Google Calendar.

Keep everything in one place AND share it with your family, friends, and even co-workers... though, depending on what’s in your schedule you might want to be careful with that last one.

You also don’t have to wait to schedule or view your Calendar. The Google calendar has two-way syncing to your phone’s already built-in calendar so you can view, update, schedule and share while you’re on the go - putting YOU in charge of YOUR time.

Speaking of being on the go... ever get caught up in the middle of a project or task and forget that you had lunch with a friend? Use Google Calendar’s reminders to keep you on track and on time. Get a reminder email or text from Google, and never miss an appointment.

There’s no way it gets better, right? It does. Sync with the Calendar of your choice - Microsoft Outlook, your Apple iCal, whatever you want... you don’t even need internet access to view your Google Calendar while you’re on the go!

So go out and buy Google Calendar today... oh wait... you can’t... it’s completely FREE!

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