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Original Air Date: Jun 14, 2013

The New Flickr

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Take a picture... it’ll last longer... It’s time for another Data Doctors’ Tech Tip.

If you love digital photography as much as we do, a recent acquisition on the Internet is a welcome change to an old friend.

Yahoo! and Flickr are under the same umbrella now and the changes are significant.

Not only can you now share your images in full resolution, you get1 terabyte of storage with their free accounts. That’s enough space for over half a million pictures!

They’ve also updated their mobile apps so that you can easily upload those awesome images from anywhere you happen to be. Shoot, edit, add geo-tags and filters right from the app and then upload the picture in its full glory of pixels!

If you are already a Flickr Pro customer, you now get unlimited storage nd the ability to check viewer statistics on each photo and video you post. Real analytics that tell you what your audiences really likes!

If you’ve never looked at Flickr before, you’d be crazy not to check it out now! Just go to F L I C K R .com (they couldn’t afford the E) to get started

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