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Original Air Date: Apr 12, 2018

Mental Fitness App

When we get serious about physical fitness, getting with a personal trainer is certain to accelerate progress and the same will hold true for your mental fitness. 

As we age, we recognize some of our mental sharpness diminishing and it can become a regular irritation. 

If you’re like me and have noticed this happening, you might be interested in trying out a personal brain trainer. An app called ‘Elevate’ for both iPhone and Android smartphones may be worth a look. 

The app uses games based on various scientific research designed in conjunction with various experts in neuroscience & cognitive learning. 

You begin by selecting what you want to work on; speaking skills, focus, comprehension, processing speed and more. 

The Elevate app will create your own customized ‘daily challenge’ based on your selection and tracks your progress for each section. 

The daily basic challenges in the app are free with an unlimited option that you can pay should you get into it. 

One user called the Elevate app a ‘daily mental multivitamin’, so for those looking for a better use of their spare time should checkout Elevate at