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Original Air Date: Apr 11, 2018

Out Of This World iPhone App

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Science fiction fans that want to create incredivle photos with their iPhones will think today's tip is out of this world!

An inexpensive app called "Alien Sky" uses awesome space effects which can turn your images into something that will really stand out.

The app allows you edit your images with futuristic effects using high resolution space objects or various lens flares to any picture on your iPhone.

The space objects include moons, planets, suns, stars,
comets or various galaxies to take your social media posts to another level.

The Alien Sky app has more than 150 different effects that gives you total control over the customization; you can post fantastic other worldly photos that will stop your friends cold on social media.

Now you can turn those old dull images on your phone and turn them into fantastic visual effects.

The link to learn more is: