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Original Air Date: Jun 27, 2018

Amazing Voice Recognition App

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The technology that powers voice recognition is improving exponetially as an interface and in the not too distant future, you'll most likely find yourself rarely using your keyboard or mouse.

Both Apple and Google are market leaders in the smartphone category, but a startup in California seems to be substantially ahead of both leaders.

An app known for its music recognition called Soundhound, posted a demo of their extraordinary voice recognition app they are calling 'Hound'.

They are proclaiming their "speech-to-meaning" tech is far superior and based on their demo, it's very impressive.

The demo shows the Hound app responding quickly to very complicated queries such as 'when will the sun rise 2 days before Xmas of 2021 in Tokyo Japan".

The quickness in the video in which it's able to reply to super complicated questions makes it seem unbelievable, but lots of third parties are claiming the tech and the video are real.

If you want to experience the near future of voice recognition, checkout the links I have posted to both the demo and the app download: