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Original Air Date: Jun 29, 2018

Front and Back Image App

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It’s not uncommon for someone to be left out of group shots because they are the ones that have to take the picture, so today’s focus is on this common problem.

Even if you can get some stranger to snap the shot of the entire group, they’ll generally be unfamiliar with your camera which can end up creating blurry or poorly composed images. 

If you own one of the many Samsung Galaxy phones, many of them have the ability to capture our pictures using the front and back camera simultaneously so the person taking the picture isn’t left out of the memory. 

If you smartphone doesn’t have this feature, you don’t have to be envious anymore because you can get this feature using the Frontback app. 

This free app allows you to easily create images using the front and back cameras so you get a different perspective of that moment in time.

It’s not as easy as having the feature in your primary camera app, but it will allow you to include the photographer in the picture from then on!