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Original Air Date: Aug 9, 2018

Daily Factoids

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Did you all know that carrots were actually purple in the beginning or that Abe Lincoln formed the Secret Service on the day he was shot?

The web is loaded with useless information that not going to change your life, but will make you say, huh! 

Most of us learn about these interesting factoids by chance or randomly from a social media post but why allow this type of knowledge to come to you by chance? 

Anyone that loves factoids as much as I do should checkout a website called NowIKnow and subscribe to their daily emails. 

Every day, you will receive an interesting email message with something that will most likely make you say “huh” or in some cases make you a bit smarter. 

With, you’ll learn something new daily such as the world’s shortest war lasted 40 minutes and how the turkey actually got its name.