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Original Air Date: Jun 28, 2013

Photographing Fireworks

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The fireworks are just around the corner and with this week’s Data Doctors Tech Tip, this year, you’ll get the shot!

4th of July means lots of fireworks and every year you try to capture the beauty with your point and shoot camera and end up with a blurr!

The biggest mistake most people make is they don’t use a tripod; without one, it’s really tough to get a clean shot.

You’ll also get the best shot if the fireworks are in front of you, not directly overhead, so choose your location wisely. And make sure no street lights or other light sources aren’t shining into your lens.

If you can, include a landmark like a building, a body of water or a mountain in the frame to really add interest to the shot AND make sure you turn off the flash.

If you have a fireworks scene setting on your camera, use it, otherwise look for night, mountain or landscape icons to help set the exposure properly. If you aren’t sure, experiment when the fireworks first start, so you can get the finale in all its glory!

The key to getting these unusual shots is getting to know your camera, so go experiment before the big night!

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