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Original Air Date: Jul 1, 2013

Disposable E-mail Addresses

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It’s time for a spam fighting Data Doctors Tech Tip

According to security experts, spam levels around the world are on a sharp increase and many speculate that the improved economy in the US is making us all prime targets.

Our online behavior has a lot to do with how much spam we get and one of the ways to cut down on future spam is to use disposable e-mail addresses.

Whenever you need an e-mail address for an unimportant interaction like to get a special offer or gain access to a website that you’ll probably never visit again, instead of giving them your real e-mail address, use a disposable address from a site called Mailinator!

Make up any address you want on the fly using the Mailinator system and you’ll get what you need without exposing your private e-mail address.

There’s no sign up, no cost and no waiting but you should never use Mailinator for any sensitive information because all the inboxes are public and can be seen by anyone.

The next time you are being asked for an e-mail address from a site you know you’ll never visit again, give Mailinator a try!

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