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Original Air Date: Nov 5, 2018

Beware of Image Copyrights!

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In the past, I’ve warned of the dangers of using images that you find online if you decide to use them on your website or blog without explicit permission from the rights holder.

It’s pretty obvious that many users on the Internet just don’t realize that they’re actually violating copyright laws when they post what they think are ’public' images on their site. 

You can avoid getting caught up in costly legal situation by making it a point to review all your images that you’ve posted on any website or blog that you own. 

When you aren’t sure where any image came from, the best course is to delete them and replace them with items that you know are not violating a copyright.

Getty Images and other services like them offer large libraries of images that you can legally embed on your online sites for free, as long as you stick to their guidelines. 

Another option is using images that fall under a 'Creative Commons' license which means that the owners of the images are allowing you to make use of their image for free following certain terms and conditions. 

Another option is to purchase your legal images from resources like for just a few dollars each. 

Ignoring image copyrights can end up costing you thousands of dollars per image when you are caught, so don't ignore this issue.

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