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Original Air Date: Jul 4, 2013

Brightness Kills Batteries

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The sun is shining, we’re celebrating our nation’s birthday and you’re hoping the battery in your smartphone will make it to the fireworks displays
It’s time for another Data Doctors Tech Tip
Today’s smartphones are amazing devices with lots of great features include big, beautiful displays but one thing we all struggle with is battery life.
And the single biggest draw on the battery can be your display if your brightness controls are set to the defaults.
Adjusting your brightness to the lowest possible setting that you can tolerate can make a dramatic difference in extending the life of your battery.
The further left of center you can go, the better (and we’re not talking politics here!)

Another adjustment that can squeeze a little extra battery life out of your smartphone is to turn OFF the Auto Brightness.

Auto Brightness will automatically pump up the brightness when the phone senses lots of ambient light, even if you aren’t actually using it at that moment
And for good measure, shorten the screen timeout to the shortest interval you can stand for the best battery life!
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