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Original Air Date: Jul 5, 2013

Git er done for $5 bucks with

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It’s the 5th day of the month and the perfect day for a $5 Data Doctors Tech Tip

The term crowdsourcing refers to the ability to use the Internet to find a large crowd of people that can provide services you need.

Lots of crowdsourcing sites allow you to have the crowd bid on a task you might have, but what if you could find a whole crowd of people that were willing to do lots things for 5 bucks!

Well, this community exists and is thriving at a site called that’s F I V E R

Want to send someone a unique birthday greeting? (cha ching sound file) it’s only 5 bucks.

Want to have a flyer designed for an upcoming event? (cha ching sound file) it’s only 5 bucks.

Gifts, graphic design, video, animation, online marketing, voice overs, music or just about any simple task all start at, you guessed it (cha ching sound file) 5 bucks.

If your task is more involved, it may cost you more, but this crowd is all about being cost effective, so give it a try!

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