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Original Air Date: Nov 12, 2018

Get Sideways With Your iPhone

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If you are among the millions that has acquired one of Apple’s larger screen phones but you only use it in the portrait mode, you are missing out on many hidden features. 

Virtually every productivity app on your phone from the calendar to email to messaging have special features that only become available when you flip your phone sideways. 

For example, you can see your emails in split screen mode, which lists your messages on one side and a preview of messages on the other side. 

Viewing stock quotes sideways also makes use of the extra real estate using the split screen to provide more detailed info on the stock you’re viewing. 

Try typing with your iPhone sideways to give you more room per key and in some cases, provides some additional keys. 

You will discover lots of useful hidden features when you simply turn your phone to the landscape mode. Just start viewing all your apps in landscape mode to see what you’ve been missing.