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Original Air Date: Nov 19, 2018

Much Better Conferencing

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If you’ve had enough of all of the inconveniences of getting on a conference call, especially if your joining from your smartphone or tablet, today’s tip is for you.

If you’re the one responsible for creating the session, think about making a change from the old way, with a much better new way.

A web tool known as ”UberConference" is the best conferencing platform I’ve ever used because it’s just better than the old school options. 

No more typing in a long PIN number when you’re on your phone or put up with the constant bleeping as people enter or exit the call. You can avoid having to wonder who’s on the call or who is currently talking because it’s all on your display visually.

The host is always in control making it easy to mute individual participants that subject the group to their on-hold music when they put you on hold. 

You can also record sessions, provide screen sharing and plenty of other awesome features that will greatly improve the call for everyone, whether they are joining via their computer or smartphone.  

Try it yourself at