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Original Air Date: Nov 16, 2018

Lockout Code Reminder

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Our smartphones and tablets have more powerful processors than the what NASA had to work with for getting man to the moon in the late 60's.

Your mobile devices also contain your very private thoughts
& a loads of sensitive information that you want to keep from the prying eyes of others.

For some reason, so many of you still don't think of your mobile devices the same way you do your laptop or desktop computer, but you must know that they are the same thing, especially when it comes to storing personal information.

This lack of connection is why so many of you still haven't added a basic step to protecting that valuable personal info by simply activating the lock screen option.

Many of you don’t activate it because you don’t want to be bothered every time to input the code, but the alternative is pretty dangerous.

Their is an exponential increase in likelihood of losing or worse, having a mobile device stolen, so just take a minute to protect your devices while you're thinking of it.

The rest of the security features in your phone are completely useless if you don’t lock the front door!