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Original Air Date: Nov 29, 2018

'Concerts Near You' App

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Today's tip could an literally change the way you keep up with concert dates for your favorite bands.

Instead of having to remember to visit their website or Facebook page to see when your band will be in town, checkout

You can either checkout the bands coming to your area or download their app, which connects to Facebook and starts alerting you in the news feed when your bands are booked for a gig in town.

No more remembering to follow you favorite artists, as Bandsintown will notify you and alerts you to similar artists in town; then RSVP for any show or even buy your tickets.

With BandsInTown you will never have to miss a concert again because the app knows which groups you like...HOW? Automagically!

The app can gather your music preferences from iTunes, Pandora and other popular music services by scanning your most listened to, preferred, and liked artists, and then suggest concerts going based on that info.

With BandsInTown, you no longer have to go searching for concerts, the concerts will be looking for you.