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Original Air Date: Dec 17, 2018

Awesome Math App

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Any parent of a student that’s in some form of higher level math has probably already run into the situation where you are asked for help on a math problem that’s overwhelming.

Any parent that wants a little assistance in explaining how to solve complex math problems should checkout an app called ‘PhotoMath’. 

This amazing app allows parents to use the camera on their smartphones to scan a math problem, attempt to solve the problem and show the steps it takes to solve them. 

If you think that kids will simply use this app to cheat on their homework, think about what was said about the calculator when it first came out. 

There’s no question that this app can be used to cheat, but it’s truly a learning app that will teach kids how things are solved. 

Keep in mind that kids can use other tools like Wolfram Alpha to solve math equations, but they’ll miss out on the explanation required to solve them. 

Don’t let your fear keep you from using of this great parental teaching tool: