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Original Air Date: Dec 18, 2018

Mood Detection App

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Voice recognition options such as Siri and Alexa have us all spending more time talking to our gadgets. 

We can ask our tech lots of things to get the info we want and now you can ask your phone how you feel!

The ‘Moodies’ app says it can listen to you talk for about 15 seconds and provide you with a general impression of how you are feeling. 

The app’s website states: “Based on our 18 years of research into human emotions, Moodies will analyse and present the current emotional state of the speaker in real time, while they speak”. 

The app will present you with your primary, secondary mood as well as your overall mood group. 

I have used it for a couple of times and it is kind of interesting to see what the app says, but I’m nowhere near ready to count on it to determine the mood of my family members or co-workers. 

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