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Original Air Date: Dec 19, 2018

Reminder To Pay Attention

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If you’re noticing that odd items are just popping up on your computer out of the blue, it’s highly likely that it’s coming from those new programs that you are installing. 

A sneaky practice these days is to hide 3rd-party programs into common installation programs or utilities when you’re installing or updating them. 

The key to catching those sneaky programs that change how your computer works is to start paying very close attention to the screens during the install. 

Software engineers count on you not paying attention and they encourage you to just tap next, next, next then on ‘I agree’!

A key method for sneaking this junk software into a computer is to convince the user that the ‘standard installation’ is also the ‘recommended installation’. 

You don’t have to be a rocket-scientists to make use of the custom installation option; that is where you will get to view what they’re trying to get past you. 

From now on, you should always choose either the advanced or custom option when installing any new program on to your computer so you can kill it before it messes things up. 

This reminder is the best way to keep your browser clear of extra toolbars or having your default search engine changed too.