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Original Air Date: Jan 7, 2019

Past Memories App

Our social media accounts are an excellent way to document our daily lives, which is more apparent when you take a few minutes to look up previous posts. 

But this requirement is kind of like having a bunch of photo albums on your shelf that you haven’t looked at in years. 

Well the TimeHop app that I’ve featured in the past makes revisiting your past posts automatic. 

It used to only work with Facebook, but now you can use it with Twitter, Instagram and even the camera roll off your phone. 

Once you set up the app, you’ll get a daily reminder in the morning of the things you posted in the past on that day.

It’s like looking at a page of those old photo albums every day; it’s a great way to see those meaningful memories from the past. 

It’s like your very own private #TBT every day!