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Original Air Date: Jan 10, 2019

Spear Phishing Test Tool

There’s something that has become obvious from most of the major breaches that you’ve heard over the past couple of years. 

Just about every one of the breaches began through a phishing message targeting someone in the organization. 

Well-crafted fake e-mail messages, A.K.A ‘spear phishing’, are often used on many victims of ransomware. 

A clever way to trick anyone is by creating what appears to be an important message from someone else in the same organization. 

That means you need to start paying very close attention to every message that pops up from your co-workers, your boss or any of the administrators in your company. 

If your organization would like to run a targeted phishing test on up to 100 employees, look into the tools at

Their phishing security test, which is free, can help you see how likely people in your organization are likely to fall for spear phishing messages that claim to be from your IT department. 

The phishing test tool is located at: