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Original Air Date: Feb 11, 2019

Web-based Training Videos

Here's an inquiry that's been a pretty regular theme and that is where employees can get help learning how to use software programs.

If you're older than 30, the obvious default is to take a class and read books to gain knowledge, but there are much more efficient options using the Internet.

Today's teaching tools are visual as well as interactive with large volumes of content to learn from. A website that's leading that charge is

With over twenty five hundred courses that are video based, the topics include productivity software such as Word and Excel and expand to more advanced topics like 3D animation as well as important web languages.

The teaching platform is presented for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels of training with close captioning included as an option.

This subscription service offers unlimited use of the tools starting @25 a month.

You can access the courses on computers, tablets and phones using their mobile apps which then let's you start lessons on one device and continue to learn from another as you move around.

Anyone asking the "where can I learn xxx?" question should look into the resources available at