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Original Air Date: Feb 15, 2019

Book Worms Unite!

As awesome as technology is, there’s still no substitute for reading a book in your favorite spot to relax. 

Discovering new books to read is possible using algorithms, but I’d rather engage with other readers to find new topics and titles to dive into.

If electronic guides and suggestions for your next book aren’t quite cutting it, checkout ‘’ for an alternative to algorithms.

They certainly can provide suggestions based on what you’ve previously read, but the site will also get you in touch with friends that also love to read to gather ideas on what you’d like to read next.

Think of it as an online book club that’s much more efficient than wandering around your favorite book store looking for that next gem.

Your community can see the books you’ve read, the ones you’re in the middle of reading along with the books that are queued up for future reading.

It’s really a great way to connect with your bookworm buddies in a private book club or engage with others that aren’t your friends in discussion group for everyone.

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