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Original Air Date: Apr 8, 2019

App for Dinner Ideas

How often are you in the last minute mode of thinking about what to have for dinner tonight? How often do you resort to the usual handful of options?

Maybe it’s time to shake up the status quo by introducing new options with an app called “Dinner Spinner.”

You can use the app to pick the type of meal you thinking about having from the first course, salads and main dishes.

Throw in your available time and give the app a spin.

I was able to generate over twenty ideas for a meal that was easy to make in less than twenty minutes that used chicken as it’s main protein.

If you don’t like a specific suggestion, you can also see suggested options from your fellow home cooks that include a rating.

If your mind is wide open, you can go with the random suggestions simply by shaking your phone with the app open.

The best part is that you can filter out recipes based on your dietary needs so you don’t waste time scanning recipes you can’t actually eat.

It’s a whole new way to deal with the ‘what’s for dinner tonight” question: