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Original Air Date: Apr 9, 2019

Getting Legit Support

How many times a day do you find yourself using Google to look for information? It’s pretty constant for most of us, but there’s one type of search that you’ll want to be especially suspicious of the results: tech support.

Scammers have created lots of elaborate companies online that may even include Google’s advertising network to pose as legitimate tech support companies.

It can become especially confusing when you search for a specific big name company’s tech support resources to tell who’s legit and who’s a scammer.

One huge red flag to watch for is a toll free number that pops up in the description before you even click on the link.

Avoid calling those numbers until you’ve verified that it’s the actual big name company’s website.

The bad guys are constantly gaming the system, so just because it shows up in a Google search result does not make it legit.

If you want to go to the legitimate support page for any tech company, simply type their website address followed by /support. ex:

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