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Original Air Date: Apr 12, 2019

Breach Lookup Tools

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Gaining access to sensitive information is a crime that was popular way before the computer and technology age.

Thieves go where the honey is and in this case the honey is your personal data.

One simple rule to keep in mind is that whenever a company that you do business with has been breached, whatever you have been using as a password for that site can never be used again.

Cyberthieves have been amassing enormous databases that collect all the passwords and associated email addresses or usernames for years, hoping that you'll continue to use these compromised passwords on other accounts.

This makes targeting specific people a lot easier, because they can simply cross reference their stolen password database with your email address to start wreaking havoc.

Fortunately, there are several online resources you can use to know whether your various email addresses, usernames and even passwords have been added to these underworld databases.

When you see that an account has been compromised, make sure to immediately change the password and never use the old one again!

For more information on how to use these sites, go here: